How does the Vulcan Laboratory Automation Platform work for you?

Questron serves multiple industries that share a need for highly accurate scientific sample digestion. Our Lab Automation Experts are available to help you discover the ideal configuration for your unique Laboratory Setup and supply needs.

Environmental, geological, agricultural foods

Lab testing / Any sample

Other companies give this industry samples to run for them, the bigger the company the less likely that they use this service

Geology, agriculture, environmental, chemistry

Educational / Soils and rocks

Mostly for research purposes they need to test elemental makeup of samples

Environment / food and drugs

Government / Soil, water, food, and health products

Testing needed for surveys and ensuring safety regulations are met.

Lab testing

Mining / Soil and rocks

Testing for surveys of land and quality of ores extracted.

Lab Testing / Survey or soil analysis

Agriculture / Soil

Soil needs to be tested for quality

Most Vulcans pay for themselves in 16 months or less.

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