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Questron is more than a lab equipment manufacturer. We’re a team of chemists and mechatronic engineers, designing the world’s most advanced automated sample digestion equipment. We work directly with industry-leading laboratories, to co-create products that solve their biggest challenges.

Using all our resources and knowledge base in mechatronics, material science, and chemistry, our primary goal is to present our clients worldwide with the very best sample prep products and tools modern technology can provide. The need to measure is a necessary part for any scientific enquiry. It is our passion to be a player in this enquiry – to provide top-notch products and services to the scientific community. From conception to manufacture to final deliveries, Questron provides time saving, safe, reliable products, that are easy to learn and operate. We are scientists serving scientists – you talk, we listen.


We take pride in our promise to work in accordance with our core values.

Innovation:  We challenge the status quo to drive continuous improvement

Teamwork:  We work together to achieve our goals.

Accountability:  We hold each other to a standard of excellence.

Dedication:  We are committed to giving our very best effort every day.

Integrity:  We promise to do the right thing even when it is difficult.

Respect:  We treat others the way we expect to be treated

Questron Company

Acids destroy metals 

This law of chemistry is why robotic sample digestion systems haven’t existed, until now. Through years of trial and error, part by part, we developed acid-resistant robots out of plastic. Super durable plastic robots may sound futuristic but automation is long overdue, in our industry and in your lab. Every business has grown more competitive, especially sample testing. Labs need higher output, at a lower cost-per-analysis. Questron’s Vulcan is the answer.

Unmatched service and maintenance for your laboratory equipment
backed by expert technicians and In-House design teams