Vulcan - Automated Open Vessel Digestion

Automated Hot Block Digestion system

The Vulcan Platform is our fully modular Laboratory Automation Solution capable of up to 6 Automated steps in nearly any Lab Sample Digestion process. Our Automation Experts will learn the needs of your lab, and determine your ideal Vulcan configuration. Below you’ll learn more about the automation features of our most popular modules.

Or you can build your own Vulcan by completing our 6 Step Vulcan Configuration Wizard here:

Years of collaboration with laboratories around the world has proven that Vulcan saves money everyday, even as it increases throughput. How much could Vulcan save you?

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Reagent Dispensing Module
QPump Or Syringe Drive

QPump – Peristaltic acid dispensing Pumps Syringe Accurate delivery system
We found it impossible to acquire a peristaltic pump able to pump high purity HCl without getting destroyed by the Chloric gas; so we built our own. With acid resistant 3 way valves our syringe pump system is capable of independently deliver highly pure acid independently from one another in a highly precise manner.
1/16” tubing for precise dispensing at a 0.4 mL/sec or 1/8” tubing for fast dispensing at 1.3 mL/s 5 Glass syringes to handle most acids, and 1 Teflon for HF. Or you can have 6 Teflon Syringes
± 0.1 mL or ± 0.2 mL Accuracy ± 0.05 mL Accuracy
pump base syg base

Worried About Cross-contamination?

Independent tubing guaranties that no reagent contacts another until the time of delivery.

Restriction On Delivery system?

The Vulcan system is capable of simultaneous, accurate, and different amount of any kind of acid.

Hot Block Digestion Modules

The Vulcan can accept any of our QBlocks and will control the block seamlessly along with the operation of the arm in simple and flexible program.
The Pneumatic tray lift system ensures smooth movement of the vials being inserted to heat the samples, or taken out of the block to cool them.

Want to find out more On QBlocks ?

Post Digestion Modules

After Digestion is done there is a lot of monotonous repetitive work that involves diluting, stirring and transferring volume. Which is why we built the Vulcan to automate all of this processes so your highly qualified scientist are not doing repetitive mindless labor and instead focus on things that needs an educated human to be done.


Fill Vial to Volume Using an ultrasonic, contactless sensor

Vulcan can fill your digestion vials to the specified volume at an accuracy of ± 0.2 mL (for 50 mL digestion tubes accuracy will change depending on size of vial). Through our easy to use software your specifications will be easily met.

Stirring and mixing
By using probes beside the reagent nozzle Vulcan is able to gently stir by moving the probes and supplying air inside the vial for as long as the user desires.

Most Digestion vials are not meant for the sampler which is why we made a transfer probe so once the Vulcan is done all the user needs to do is transfer the standard test tube rack from the Vulcan to the analyzer.

Software Capabilities

We made possible the full capability of Vulcan by using three intuitive steps to follow:

1. Recipe Creation
By a simple doble click you can add any step in the list of the recipe and define exactly what you desire to do in the step so you will essentially follow the same SOP guidelines as you were previously using.

2. Batch Creation
Enter the detail information of the batch that needs to be digested in intuitive and easy to follow steps

3. Digestion
Load the Batch that you created and with a simple click of a button Vulcan will Digest your batch without the need of a chemist to look over it.