Product Showcase


  • Capable of dispensing simultaneously 7 Acids through completely independently reagent lines
  • Currently there are machines that are in constant use even after 5 years!


  • Separated electronics for a more robust system
  • Customization available if needed
  • Easy to use wireless controller available to control up to 8 independent blocks while monitoring it’s status remotely


  • Microwave system monitoring each vessel independently using IR
  • Easy to load an prepare vessels for Digestion
  • Controlled via wireless tablet with an user friendly application to safely monitor and program the oven

Fume Hood

  • Plastic enclosure to prevent corrosion
  • Light weight and capable to be used in any lab without need of expensive installation


  •  Full Flexible choice of vials and racks
  • Easy to program software protocol for any dilution, dispensing and transfer



  • Removes highly acidic fumes by diluting it in water.
  • 99% Acid content removed from the fume exhaust