What does it do?

Ideal for both open and closed vessel microwave digestion, extraction, evaporation, and synthesis. Comes with built-in temperature and pressure monitoring of each digestion vessel and has user-independent safety features ensuring safe digestions. Unlimited digestion recipes can be developed and stored. Qwave also provides controlled release of over pressure to avoid cross-contamination and its rotating antenna and 360° carousel rotation allows for uniform vessel heating along with corrosion-proof PTFE coated cavity ensuring the best results for your lab.


  • 1200 W Closed Vessel Time-To-Temperature
  • 1800 W Closed Vessel Time-To-Temperature
  • Closed Vessel Time-To-Power
  • Open Vessel Time-To-Power


With our OPGuard™ design in all of our vessels for closed vessel microwave digestion to ensure the safety of operation, long lasting integrity of the equipment while keeping most of the sample inside intact.

When the vessel reaches a high enough pressure during the microwave digestion, the OPGuard will release the gas until the pressure reaches an acceptable level in which then it will seal again
Choose from our high pressure eVHP vessel for either a maximum of 12 or 18 vessels load or our Low Volume Hight Throughput (LVHT) vessels for either a maximum load of 24 or 36 vessels for safe and consistent Digestion.