QBlock / QPlate



Our Qblock digestion systems allow for up to 230°C for high temperature digestions with maximum temperature variation of 1% throughout each block. Furthermore to ensure that our blocks are corrosive and acid resistant Questron ensures that each block is Teflon coated with Graphite to provide High Density Polyethylene non-corrosive and acid resistant bases. 

What’s more each Qblock is equipped with its own separate Keypad Controller that allows for a fume free and clean electronic controller. Additionally the group Wireless Controller can be included, which is an unique system that can wirelessly control up to 8 QBlocks with its matching Keypad Controllers to ensure unparalleled temperature control, data computation and ease of operation through its touch screen based wireless control.



  •  Accuracy +/- 1% of set temperature
  •  Less footprint in fume hood operation


Do you have specific requirements?

  • Flat or rounded vials
  • Deeper or shallower well depth
  • Matrix with any number of vials


Questron can design and manufacture customized blocks, as you like!Furthermore



With a large flatbed heating surface, QPlate Digestion system can be effective in mining, pollution control, agriculture and many other industries. The system also includes a keypad controller with the same functionality as the keypad controller for the QBlock, with the additional option to be controlled by a group wireless controller alongside with our QBlocks for added features and comfort.

QPlates are available in sizes from a handy 10 x 12inches to jumbo 36 x18inches

Just let us know your requirement, and we can design your customized QPlate.