How Can Questron’s Automation of Digestion Procedures Improve Innovation and Efficiency in Your Lab?

There is always something to do in a laboratory, whether it is dispensing, dilution, sample transfers, or standard preparation. On top of this, if you work in a lab, you probably have deadlines to meet, reports to file, publications to write, and the crushing pressure to produce more results. Staying on top of all this can be overwhelming—fortunately, Questron can help you!

Questron Technologies Corp develops, manufactures, and distributes high-quality laboratory instruments, sample processing systems, and robotic automation solutions that can be customized to the unique needs of your lab. Among our products, the Vulcan hot block automated digestion system is an industry-changing machine that is capable of automating up to six steps in any Lab Sample Digestion process.

About the Vulcan Platform

The Vulcan Platform is a fully modular, automated workstation that can carry out two essential steps involved in sample preparation: sample digestion and aliquot transfer. The Vulcan is equipped with peristaltic acid dispensing pumps, called QPumps, which are capable of precise dispensation at 0.4 mL/s with a 1/16” tubing. Vulcan’s independent tubing prevents reagents from cross-contamination until the time of delivery. It can also simultaneously and accurately dispense different amounts of any kind of acid.

In addition, the Vulcan can also support any of our QBlocks, allowing use of a variety of digestions cups. Moreover, the automated workstation is fitted with an ultrasonic contactless sensor, reagent nozzle, and probes to fill vials, stir, mix, and transfer samples from the Vulcan to the analyzer.

The Vulcan interface is also very user-friendly. All you need to do is enter detailed information about the batch that needs to be digested, add the number of steps you need and describe what you want each step to do, load the batch in, and let Vulcan digest your batch without any assistance from a chemist. 

Clearly, the automation that Vulcan offers can help optimize your lab processes in several ways and increase efficiency. If you’re not yet convinced, keep reading to discover how automating your lab’s digestion procedures can enhance efficiency and innovation.

Benefits of Automating Digestion Procedures in Your Lab:

Increased Productivity 

Lab Work involves a lot of repetitive motions and protocols, which require a lot of time and attention when done manually, negatively impacting the productivity of your staff. When you rely on automation systems to carry out time and effort-consuming processes, you can free up time that scientists can use to focus on their research, write papers, and come up with innovative new ideas and projects.

For example, heating or cooling of samples with chemicals usually require careful monitoring of temperature changes, but if you incorporate Vulcan in the laboratory, you just need to input the instructions into the system and the automation workstation will take care of the rest. This allows them to process larger samples and perform multiple operations at once. Now, researchers have the time to collaborate and focus on more innovative high-priority projects without being weighed down by their minor everyday responsibilities.

Better Use of Data

The more time researchers have on their hands, the more attention they can pay to the wealth of experimental data they now have access to, and they might be able to notice new patterns that may have gone unrecognized or unanalyzed in the past.

Decreased Error Margin

Automation can greatly reduce one of the most significant risks in any lab setting: human error. Automating key tasks like dispensing precise quantities of chemicals can bring down the rate of errors and ensure that the data collected is consistent and impeccable. The reagent dispensing module in Vulcan, which usually includes Syringe Drive or QPump, has an accuracy of ±0.02mL and ±0.15mL accuracy respectively. Moreover, the dispensing module is designed in such a way that you don’t have to worry about cross-contamination until it’s time for delivery.

Safer Working Conditions 

If you work in a lab, you’re probably very familiar with the importance of the various protocols you must follow when handling test samples and lab equipment. Fortunately, automation software usually comes with in-built safety precautions in place that will trigger an alarm or stop the experiment automatically when there is a breach in protocol.

In particular, Questron Technologies Corp’s QPrep Automated Workstation makes it easier for laboratories to handle hazardous chemicals which may be too dangerous to use manually.

However, automating this process can prove to be safer and more profitable for your lab. 

With QPrep, multiple dilutions can be performed at the same time, and it promises precise reagent additions. The automated dilution system is also capable of preparing calibration and QC standards and performing serial dilutions and aliquot transfers. This ensures both the safety of your staff and increased output in your laboratory.

Most automated workstations allow you to automate numerous functions with just one machine and don’t take up much physical space. This allows your staff the elbow room they need to manage multiple experiments without the danger of knocking over hazardous chemicals or expensive equipment. Vulcan, for instance, can automate up to six processes based on your lab’s unique needs.

Saves Money

A major benefit of automating the digestion process in your lab is cost reduction. Since automated systems are more accurate and efficient in utilizing reagents, there is less waste and optimum use of resources.

Since automation both saves money and increases productivity, most Vulcans pay for themselves in less than sixteen months or so. Get an estimate right now to find out how much investing in Vulcan can save you in the long run.

Easily Customizable

Laboratory automation software, like Vulcan, can be easily customized based on your requirements. You can select the modules you need, the processes you need automated, and build your own Vulcan. If you’re unsure about the level of automation your laboratory needs, our automation experts can work with you to help you figure out the ideal Vulcan configuration for your lab.


At Questron Technologies Corp, we are committed to developing customized sample preparation systems that are designed to make lab work easier, increase efficiency, and save money. To learn more about our products, visit our website or call us at 1 844-363-1223.